LulaLend Financial Services

Apply online for a business advance of R20,000 to R500,000 and get approved at Lulalend. Application is easy, quick and takes just few minutes.

Let Lulalend know the funding you are looking for by providing them with your standard personal and business information. Upload your recent bank statements or link your internet banking account and you’re done. ..... 

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CentraFin – South Africa

Centrafin have been providing quality financial services to South Africans for over 15 years, with main focus being assisting Companies with the financial freedom towards growth opportunities in the technological landscape – thus removing barriers to entry as a result of economic climate and cash flow restrictions or procedures.

Financial products and services offered by Centrafin includes:- ..... 

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Before taking Personal Loan

Before you take a loan it is important for you to understand the facts and risks of all different types of personal loans, this is because some loans are considered better that others in terms of repayment terms and interest rates.
You therefore deserve a better loan with lower rates and more personal service.

Here are some of the loans to consider, which are more safer and more affordable to borrow:- ..... 

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Momentum Personal Loans

It does not matter where you are in south Africa,you can apply for a loan online.No standing in queues, no paper work and you get status of your application in minutes. This is when you apply loan with MOMENTUM Personal Loans.

Apply now and take the right loan at the right time for the right reason. ..... 

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