Lime24 Loans

Do you need URGENT CASH?  Do you have bad credit record?

Lime 24 is here for you, because with LIME 24 you get loan offer different loan packages to suit your needs and it does not matter whether you are blacklisted, LIME 24 will still help you get the loan you need. ..... 

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Loans Unlimited Personal Loans

Get approved for a personal loan today with Loans Unlimited, which has been helping thousands of their Platinum Club Members find the best loans at the lowest interest rates.

Loans Unlimited Platinum Club members enjoy access to resources on budget setting and debt management. They have also joined forces with reputable debt managers and loan consolidators who help our Platinum Club members manage their debts effectively. ..... 

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GENFIN Business Loans

GENFIN offers business loans with affordable repayment terms and payout in three days.Loans are available between R100,000 and R5,000,000 with repayment terms of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months, this gives you options of repayment that suits your budget.

Instalments may also be paid on a weekly basis over 52 weeks with Interest being charged only on your outstanding loan balance. ..... 

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123 Cash Loans

Get the cash you need when you really need, visit 123 Cash Loans, one of the South African flexible Lender and get the cash you need.

Loans of upto R8,000 with repayment period of 2 months to 6 months is offered by 123 Cash loans.
Application is free and you get your loan application status in minutes, and once approved the cash is deposited in your account same day. ..... 

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iLoans South Africa

Need a loan? Personal loan, long term loan, and or blacklisted??? Then you are at the right place, because iLoans is here to help you get the loan you need that suits your pocket.

iLoan has a dedicated team which ensures that no loan applications goes without being attended to, thus ensuring clients of a better chance of being approved, it does not matter whether you are blacklisted, iLoan will offer financial assistance to you as well. ..... 

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Get Bucks short-term Cash Loans

Are you BROKE and you need CASH Urgently?Get both online and telephonic applications with Get Bucks, and upon approval you will get your cash immediately wired into your bank account.
No qeues no paperwork, everything is done online ensuring that no unneccessary delays to your loan application.

Get Bucks is therefore the greatest choice when it comes to short-term cash loans, now offering upto R4000 cash loans with repayment period of between 7 and 45 days. ..... 

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Payday Loans – Easy PayDay

Do you need a payday loan?Are you a South African and permanently employement?

If the your answer is yes, then, you are on the right place because Easy Payday offers loans upto R2500 within 24 hours in 3 easy and simple steps. ..... 

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Mazuma Loans Online

When you need cash in a rush, Mazuma Loans is the best place to be, they will search various banks and lenders for you to get cash you need fast and easy.
Online Application process is quick and easy , you get instant decision and money wings its way to your account within an hour.

Mazuma Loans includes Payday loans which you can borrow upto R3,000 and get same day approval, short term loans of upto R8,000, medium term loans of upto R20,000 and long term loans of upto R200,000. ..... 

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FinChoice Personal Loans

FinChoice – A south African Credit Provider based in Cape Town with branches nationwide offers wide variety of instant loans products and services designed to meet the south Africans needs.

FinChoice loans terms are flexible ranging from 6, 12 and 24 months thus allowing you to make the right choice based on your individual requirements. ..... 

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Personal Loans for Blacklisted – Just Loans

Are you blacklisted and need of a personal loan? Just Loans is here for you, when you apply for personal loan with Just Loans you will get imediate response if you qualify.

Whether you are blacklisted or have bad credit record Just Loans offer will offer you personal loan for the amount¬† from R2,000 to R50,000. ..... 

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